‘REACH’…never stop…

006‘The last thing we want is to remain as we are’…’Do the Work’…Steven Pressfield…

I always find the trees interesting in that they are always changing and growing even on the way out…Beauty is everlasting…I always had that voice in my head telling me I’m not good enough or talented enough to do anything creative…That voice visits me daily and even materializes in human form with people close to me mirroring my thoughts…I must be strong like the tree to keep going and just know there is beauty within…I thank Steven Pressfield for voicing my feelings in one of his books…’Do the Work’…

‘Reach’…’never stop’…pencil crayons on paper…a tree in Bayfield, Ont.


2 thoughts on “‘REACH’…never stop…

  1. Hi Karen,
    The image of the trees is beautiful. You’re not alone, I hear those voices all the time and worse still they come from those closest to me. (hubby, excluded). Thank you for sharing. Kick the voices to the curb and keeping pressing forward. You are TALENTED and everyone needs to see your work. šŸ™‚

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