Shorts and Sweets…Week 8…

Summer Short And Sweets – Week 8 The Final Week!

I can’t believe it.  Didn’t we just start Summer Short & Sweets?  And here we are, August 24th, purple loosestrife blooming, lots of kids already back in school – although not mine – and this is our last official day of SS&S!

Your challenge for today is to take a good look at the picture below.
Image copyright Heather Newman 2012
Woweekazowee!  That is some picture isn’t it?
Now, in the comments, you may write your choice of the following:
1.  A pitch for a children’s story, any level (please specify PB (picture book), ER (early reader), CB (chapter book), MG (middle grade), or YA (young adult)) based on the picture, in the manner of Short & Sweet Week 6
2.  The first 50-100 words (or more or less – whatever gets the creative juices flowing) of a children’s story, any level, (please specify PB, ER, CB, MG, YA) based on the picture.
3.  The last 50-100 words (again, more or less is fine – whatever works for you :)) of a children’s story, any level (please specify PB, ER, CB, MG, YA) based on the picture.
4.  Choose a character (there are at least 10 possibilities!) from the picture and introduce us to him or her – who he/she is, where he/she came from, how he/she got into this situation – a character sketch of sorts.
5.  Choose a character and give us a one paragraph synopsis of the story told by the picture from his/her point of view.
6.  The title of the story told by this picture – give us a good one! 🙂 (and again please specify level)
Now then, back to the matter at hand – today’s Short & Sweet.  Pick whichever of the 7 options above inspires you most.  I’m hoping with 7 options and that amazing picture you will find something inspiring 🙂

Thank You Heather for giving us such a beautiful painting and sparking our imaginations…
With that being said, here is a little tidbit of a story…a pitch (PB)…

‘A Day in the Life of Gertrude’… ‘a Wizard’…
As Gertrude simmered her pot over the fire, she warned Freddy, (her friend the raven),( because wizards do not have enemies), that this concoction may not sit well in his tummy…’It might change you’…Please, she said, do not be tempted by the beautiful smell and taste this…You will be sorry..

badge created by Loni Edwards

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