Shorts and Sweets…Week 7…

For today’s Short & Sweet, we’re taking a field trip!  It can be anywhere you want – and anything that fits into what you’re already doing – no special outings necessary.  Going out with your kids to the beach, the zoo, a museum, the playground, the library?    Going shopping at the grocery store?  Washing the car?  You don’t even need to leave the house – the kitchen or the back porch will be just fine!

Your challenge today is to describe a setting – any setting that tickles your fancy.  In 50-100 words (more or less if you like, that’s just a ball park) make us feel like we’re there.  Take a careful look at your surroundings – whatever they are.  What does it look like? sound like? smell like? feel like? taste like?
BUT – here’s the trick 🙂 – you can’t use the actual word of the place!  So if you’re describing the kitchen, you can’t use the word kitchen.  We have to be able to guess!
For an extra challenge, describe it from a kid’s perspective – try to look at it through the eyes of the average 5 year old – the typical picture book age target.  Places can look a lot different to a five year old than they do to an adult.  Different features stand out, and kids’ react to things differently.


Okay then…Here goes…My thoughts as I think them…A Great Exercise of the mind…

Well Suzie thought…We are here!!! Looking up she crooked her neck backwards and almost lost her balance…Wowee…those trees are touching the clouds…She turned in circles round and round…Trees trees and more trees…Green Green and blue sky…She heard that buzzing noise that you only hear on a hot summer day…She could hear many many birds singing…They must be high up in those tall tree tops because she could not see them but they sounded so pretty…Looking at all the pathways, she decided just to choose one and explore…Her Dad followed obediently…

2 thoughts on “Shorts and Sweets…Week 7…

    • Hi Tracy…That is strange…I guess no one is getting my posts…Not sure what I have done to this blog…oh well…I am not computer savvy enough to figure that one out…Thanks for your comments…

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