Week 6 – Summer Short & Sweet Challenge – Have You Been Bullied?

This week, Susanna Leonard Hill’s Week 6 challenge is to come up with a pitch for a picture book. I offered sweets in my first pitch.

Badge created by Loni at http://www.loniedwards.com

A writer needs to include three key elements for a successful pitch—character, conflict, and stakes.

Susanna’s definition is a:
“[Character] who [a unique, special, or defining characteristic of said character] wants/needs [goal] more than anything but can’t get it because of [obstacle(s)].

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write an awesome pitch (or 2 or 3) for a picture book. The fun part? It doesn’t have to be for a book you’ve written. Or even intend to write.

It can be a pitch for something you think up right here right now this very second! Or a pitch for a work-in-progress! Or a pitch for a bit of an idea you’ve been ruminating on since breakfast! Or a pitch for someone else’s published book – you take the story and boil it down into a pitch! Or take the idea from someone else’s published book, or a nursery rhyme, or a fairy tale, and change a detail of the plot, setting, character, POV etc. and make it into a new pitch idea! Anything goes!”

Okay then, Here is my new pitch…Interesting exercise…

Stella walked down the bright white hall to the white door…DR. LOVE…’Can I really do this?’…

Another take…S T E L L A …(she heard in the distance)…as she walked down the bright white hall to the white door…’just keep goin’…

Books are scattered all over my bed…Papers and paintings crumpled…’What the hell?’…

Painting Title…’Just keep Goin’…(Growin)…16″x20″…acrylic, mixed media on canvas…

11 thoughts on “A PITCH…

  1. The title of your new beautiful and colourful painting ties in beautifully to your pitch of DR. LOVE. Oooh…very intriguing. Love them both. I knew you could do it. Did you post it on Susanna’s blog?

  2. A pingback is when you credit someone’s post with a link from their blog, the originating author is notified. That’s it. It tells me someone (you) was reading my blog. LOL
    Thanks Karen!

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